Iceland - a perfect choice

Iceland is a pure and beautiful island where people have lived in harmony with nature for over a thousand years. The story of Iceland is one of survival based on innovation and self-reliance. Thanks to the great sagas, Icelanders know their history well. The Icelandic sagas are the data backup and archives of the Vikings.

100% green energy

Currently, 100% of Iceland's total electrical power consumption is derived from hydro and geothermal sources, making it the cleanest energy consumer in the world. Some energy-intensive industries have already relocated to Iceland in order to reduce cost and pollution. When it comes to clean and sustainable energy, Iceland is innovative.

Cool ambient weather conditions

The natural cool ambient weather conditions provide year round free cooling and therefore make Iceland an ideal location for data centers.

Low cost of operation

Cost of operating data centers in Iceland is much less than in the US and mainland Europe due to competitive electrical power prices and year round free cooling that provide exceptional low PUE values. In the search for cost attractive locations catering to the power intensive industries, Iceland provides best in class environment conditions in combination with attractively priced green power that is zero CO2.

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