We care

Environmental policy

Míla's employees work in harmony with their environment. The company has large projects going on throughout Iceland, and they sometimes involve some disturbance. For such projects great emphasis is placed on minimizing inconvenience as much as possible and treating the land carefully.

In setting up telecommunications structures, great care is taken to have them fit as well as possible into the environment and, to the greatest possible extent, agree with the wishes of planning authorities, municipalities and the general public.

Míla owns about 100 vehicles, and the company strives to make their operation as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. All of the company's vehicles, which are driven only within towns, use hard-particle tires.

Míla encourages its employees and customers to act in support of environmental protection and responsible treatment of the land.

Social responsibility

Míla is forming a policy of Corporate Social Responsibility with primary focus on four elements; Environment, Community, Market and Company.

Míla's communication solutions transform people's daily lives. Good communications make a significant contribution to social and economic development. Míla aims to help build up an environmentally healthy country.

Human resource policy 

Míla's employees are just over one hundred. These employees work according to the company's core values: Respect, leadership and trust, a guideline for their communications, both with internal and external customers. 

Míla's human resource policy emphasizes the importance of the employees for the company's operations and growth. The company's human resource management projects support its strategy and endeavor to fulfill promises and customers' needs, as well as enabling employees to prosper and grow in their work.  

Míla's responsibility aims at providing employees a good work environment and possibilities to grow and flourish in their work. The responsibility is not unilateral, however, and the company encourages its employees to be flexible and utilize the possibilities for development that are offered.

Míla wishes to create an environment promoting healthy lifestyle and facilitating balance between work and private life. Míla's function is to lay a foundation for opportunities, but employees are responsible for gathering the necessary information, adopting disciplined work procedures and utilizing the possibilities for maintaining knowledge and acquiring new knowledge. In the speed of modern society, employees must also be ready for rapid development and prepared to participate in changes.

There is a focused effort to create a good, motivating work environment, sending out clear requirements and processes along with providing a flexible and task-oriented organization, providing incentives for equality and active job development. Cooperation built upon positivity and mutual respect is very important and, last but not least, the fundamental thinking that an individual's talents shall have room to flourish.

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